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napa cremation service and funeral arrangementsThe Claffey and Rota Funeral Home provides funeral services in Napa Valley, California.  Claffey and Rota Funeral Home offers 24-hour prompt and available service year round.  The Claffey and Rota Funeral Home offers the only full size casket selection room in Napa Valley. 


The Claffey and Rota Funeral Home located in Napa was founded by Edward Claffey and Ernest Rota. Construction began in the summer in 1955 on the one acre lot on the corner of Main and G Streets. The Rota Family has been operating the Napa Valley Funeral Home for funeral arrangements, graveside services, memorials and direct cremations since 1956.

Ernest Rota, Bob Rota along with Chris Kuczynski (all licensed Funeral Directors and Embalmers) offer their combined knowledge and expertise to serve all families in every aspect of their Napa funeral service needs including local Napa Valley funeral and memorial services, veteran’s services, out of town, out of state and foreign services. Assisting them are the office staff of Jane Jennings and Josephine Veeninga supporting families for Napa Valley funeral services. 

Claffey & Rota Funeral Home offers the most comprehensive range of Napa Valley funeral services and arrangements during a family’s emotional time. Claffey & Rota Funeral Home provides Napa cremation service. Please click here for our Napa Valley Funeral General Price List including Napa cremation service, Prearrangement form, California’s Consumer Guide to Funeral and Cemetery Purchases and Catholic Cremation Guidelines

The Claffey & Rota Funeral Home is here to make you and your family as comfortable as possible - our family serving your family.


Claffey & Rota Funeral Home FD969 for Funeral Services in Napa Valley, California

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